Peter G. Leclerc - Places I have lived As of: 11-Dec-04
Item From To Years   Address City Province Postal Telephone Notes
1 8-Nov-56 31-Aug-77 20.82 3493 Nadon St. Montreal Quebec H4J 1P6 514.334.4349 Family home. My parents owned it when I was born.
2 1-Sep-77 15-Jun-78 0.79 5350 Dudemaine St., # 31 Montreal Quebec H4J 1P1 514.334.4349 My parents chose this apartment while I was summering in Jasper. They moved to Florida at the end of October.
3 16-Jun-78 30-Sep-78 0.29 123 Patricia St. Jasper Alberta T0E 1E0 I rented a room in the basement of a nice couple's house.
4 1-Oct-78 9-Jan-79 0.27 No fixed address I travelled around North America, hitch hiking with Sean Mooney
5 10-Jan-79 31-May-79 0.39 1176 Yates, # 6 Victoria BC V8V 3M8 I found this place and lured Dana to move in. We were both students at the Victoria College of Art
6 1-Jun-79 30-Sep-79 0.33 Sunwapta Falls Bungalows Jasper Alberta T0E 1E0 Living in a room in a trailer bunkhouse while working as a cook
7 1-Oct-79 30-Apr-80 0.58 5695 St-Jacques St, # 321 Montreal Quebec H4A 2E6 Sandy Kowalik and I rented this place. She and Sean moved on to PEI after a few months.
8 1-May-80 30-Jun-81 1.16 5383 Earnscliffe Montreal Quebec H3X 2P8 I moved in to this house with Benny Kurtzman, who was subletting it from Michael Sniatowsky
9 1-Jul-81 30-Jun-82 1.00 4385 Gouin Ouest Montreal Quebec H4J 1B4 I moved into this place with Gilbert Theroux and Michel Bonin (two friends from High School). Michel moved out soon thereafter, and Gibert's girlfriend Lorraine and her sister Ghyslaine moved in.
10 1-Jul-82 30-Jun-83 1.00 2980 Bedford, # 6 Montreal Quebec H3S 1G6 I moved into this place alone to be closer to Christian Neveu. The place was a dump.
11 1-Jul-83 30-Jun-84 1.00 415 Cote Vertu, # D42 St-Laurent Quebec H4N 1E7 I moved into this place at my mother's behest. After my father passed away, she wanted to spend the summers in Montreal, so she offered to pay half the rent.
12 1-Jul-84 30-Jun-86 2.00 7880 Mountain Sights, # 704 Montreal Quebec H4P 2B2 Another place I shared with my mother.
13 1-Jul-86 30-Jun-87 1.00 1110 St-Urbain, # 702 Montreal Quebec H2Z 1W1 I shared this place with Paul Trepanier and Yves Lamoureux
14 1-Jul-87 30-Sep-87 0.25 5400 De Salaberry, # 103 Montreal Quebec H4J 1J6 I took over this place from Wendy. She moved back to her parents' house until we got married.
15 1-Oct-87 30-Jun-89 1.75 5550 Isabella, # 11 Montreal Quebec H3X 1R8 Wendy and my first apartment together
16 1-Jul-89 30-Jun-93 4.00 7351 Somerled Ave. Montreal Quebec H4V 1X1 Wendy and I owned this duplex. We split up and then I sold it.
17 1-Jul-93 14-Jul-93 0.04 5270 Patricia St. Montreal Quebec H4V 1Y8 514.486.7288 I stayed with Patricia Pinna's parents for a couple weeks until she and I moved out to Vancouver Island
18 15-Jul-93 31-Oct-93 0.30 2980 Grafton Ave. Qualicum Beach BC V9K 1W7 250.752.6085 Pat and I stayed in the little guest cottage on my borther's property
19 1-Nov-93 30-Apr-02 8.50 1410 Pratt Rd. Qualicum Beach BC V9K 1W7 250.752.1567 Pat and I bought a mobile home and moved it onto my brother's property
20 1-May-02 11-Dec-04 2.62 384 Cottonwood Dr. Qualicum Beach BC V9K 1M2 250.752.1567 I bought this bungalow and moved into it with Janet Strandquist.