I was born in Montréal, Canada, on November 8th 1956 at 1:59 AM at St-Mary's Hospital situated on Lacombe street. My parents (both deceased) were Vivian Verna Nash and Paul Gerald Leclerc. Their friends knew them as Verna and Gerry.

We lived on Nadon street in the suburb of Cartierville. These are the schools I attended:


1962 - 1969

Ecole Primaire Ste-Odile


1969 - 1974

Ecole Secondaire La Dauversière


1974 - 1978

CEGEP St-Laurent


1979 - 1979

Victoria College of Art


1990 - 1992

Dawson College


1990 - 1992

Vanier College

I moved around a lot during my twenties. I got married and divorced in my thirties, and settled on Vancouver Island on July 15th 1993.

Being interested in family history, I set about compiling and mapping my family tree. You can view the major branches of my genealogy here: Leclerc, Caya, Nash, Chenier.

If you are unsure that I am the Peter Leclerc you know, here are some photos to help confirm my identity:


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